"Death is a debt we must all pay"...Euripides 432 BC

    Double Tap

         "Taceo Tacuitacitum Mortis"hhh.......it's quiet time

DT Series Uppers $1850.00 MSRP


Double Tap started as a conversation between friends who couldn't find anyone that would make a product exactly the way they wanted it. Some came close. Some manufacturers required you to modify this or change that. 

What was needed was a fresh look. They laid out all the things they wanted and came up with the DT series of silenced uppers. 

What they wanted...

1) Hearing safe at the shooter's ear.

2) Unsurpassed muzzle flash elimination.

3) Modular...meaning no modifications to a mil-spec host lower. 

4) User servicable.

5) Cross level ammo with the most popular LE / MIL pistol calibers available (9mm, 40 S&W, and           45ACP).

6) Full auto capable.

7) Create a design that minimizes first round pop or "FRP" for short.

8) Minimum baffle life span of 30,000 - 50,000 rounds.

9) Able to cycle supersonic and subsonic ammunition.

10) Have a CDI factor of 12 on a 1 - 10 scale. 

Production Model

After testing the first prototype, we learned a few things and started drilling down on what our production models performance would be. We looked at production cost such as machining a monocore baffle vs. using traditional single stack baffles. Weight, sound and flash reduction, etc. 

A production upper is born....