"Death is a debt we must all pay"...Euripides 432 BC

    Double Tap

         "Taceo Tacuitacitum Mortis"hhh.......it's quiet time

Welcome to Double Tap Silenced Uppers!

Introducing the Double Tap integrally suppressed M-16 / AR-15 upper receiver that is nothing less than state of the art! Each silenced upper utilizes a proprietary baffle system which virtually eliminates flash while simultaneously reducing sound signature to a safe hearing level. The DT design provides ample volume which creates low back pressure and dampens recoil. Our silenced uppers are the only proven design that does not require any modification to your existing M-16 or AR-15 mil-spec lower receiver. Simply pop the two "Take Down" pins, drop the new upper on, insert a magazine, charge the weapon, and squeeze the trigger. It's that simple.

Suppressed uppers are available in 9mm Parabellum, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP with other calibers being offered soon. Customers can choose to have their baffles precision machined in 7075 aluminum, 304 stainless steel, or 718 inconel. Our most compact model features a 12.5" barrel which makes CQB, aviation, or vehicle operations a snap. We also offer a 16.25" model that provides the same outstanding flash and sound reduction performance and meets all NFA regulations regarding short barrel rifles. 

While the suppressor is maintenance free, some operators prefer to keep it spotless. Maintenance is at the user level by simply removing the baffle. Remove carbon build up with soap & water, air dry, and then re-install. 

Double Tap integrally suppressed uppers are THE choice for the armed professional.